The first requirement in order to pass the GED test is the most important. Ask yourself, "Am I serious about getting my GED?" If you feel that you are, then you can move on to the next step.
The next step we advise is to order our GED study kit so that you can efficiently prepare and be in the correct mindset while having the proper knowledge needed to pass the GED.
After you've studied with the books and other essentials in our GED study kit, we recommend you to order the new GED practice test kit to sharpen your test-taking skills for the real thing.
Once you feel confident that you are ready to take the GED test, locate the local GED testing institution and speak to a counselor in order to understand their specific requirements.
After you speak with the counselor and get the specific details and requirements needed to take the test, determine a time in your immediate schedule to take the GED test.
Contact the GED counselor and take the steps necessary to securing a time slot that you will commit to in order to take the GED test. Be advised there is a fee of roughly $75 to take the test.
Be aggressive and show up on time to take the test. Have a few hours set aside for this testing procedure. Make sure to leave distractions behind and focus entirely on what's at hand. Now go get your GED!
There are many websites online that offer a variety of high school diplomas, GED practice tests and other elearning opportunities for one to choose from. There are also websites that claim to offer an accredited high school diploma but are truly a fraud and can damage the potential of individuals who buy them. For the online high schools that really offer an accredited diploma, these courses take anywhere from 12-36 months based on how many credits a student needs to complete their educational obligation.
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Practice for the GED testIf you are considering taking the General Education Development test, you are at the right place. If you've put off getting your GED, you're not alone. Many individuals put off the GED test because they don't know where to start when it comes to studying for it. Some will, on the other hand, take the GED test without studying and fail because they are in no way prepared for it., with our educational consortium, offer the only true GED study kit and GED practice test kit online.
GED study kit items
Your GED study kit comes with the top 3 GED preparation books that each average over 400 pages! These books offer mini lessons, real questions and answers, practice tips and so much more! The books will leave no questions unanswered about the GED when they are properly used. The kit also includes a high quality Ti-30xA scientific calculator, a custom notepad & pen set and a stress brain to squeeze while studying. Learn more
GED test kit items
Your GED test kit includes all materials necessary to practice for the GED at home. This kit comes complete with official GED practice tests from Steck-Vaugn that can be finished and then scored. You will receive the highest quality set of GED flash cards, designed to improve your test-taking ability. Your kit will also include a digital timer, a Ti-30xA scientific calculator and our signature notepad & pen set. Learn more
The issue that most individuals face when they are considering getting their GED is which book, course, practice test, program or counselor do they need to follow to ensure they pass the test? While we encourage those students who seek GED counseling to do so, most prep for the test through reading books or looking online for tips and help as they study. The problem is, where to start and what really works? Since there was no official GED study kit or practice test kit of any significance, we decided to undertake this responsibility in the best interests of students around the nation. After careful review of the top GED books, flash cards, calculators and practice tests, we are proud to offer the most effective set of GED kits available online. We are sure you will be pleased and ready to start your studying when you see the quality of these kits!
Take the GED test at a GED testing centerThere is ONLY ONE OPTION a student can choose if they're looking for a fast accredited certificate of educational acheivement. That is the GED. The GED cannot be taken online and there is no official website, no matter the claim, that offers a real GED. The GED was designed in the 1940's for our war veterans that were returning from their military duties. The purpose was to offer a test format that could be studied, completed and awarded in an extremely short duration of time. Thus, the birth of the GED. The GED test requires preparation no matter the educational background of an individual. It should not be taken lightly. The GED test is separated into specific subjects that encompass the major areas that one would learn in a traditional high school., along with the "Motivation For Higher Education" consortium, offer an exclusive opportunity online for individuals to receive all materials necessary to be prepared and pass the GED test their first time.
The GED can't be taken onlineIf you've seen websites that offer free GED testing online, there is no such thing. As mentioned above, the GED can only be completed by enrolling at a local GED testing facility and taking it in person. In order to start this process, the student will need to look up the GED administrator contact in their local vicinity, apply, schedule a time and then finish the test while being supervised by GED counselors. GED online test preparation is available but there are few sites that offer anything of substantial value online. Those that offer a free GED practice test typically create a dilluted, simple test platform that in no way represents the level of difficulty the actual GED really has. These free GED practice test sites will also charge a fee to use their program and/or will use the student's contact information supplied to send surveys and other SPAM to their email. There is no official GED practice test online at this time.
Studying for the GED test batteryThe GED test is much different than traditional high school tests. While high school testing incorporates substantial tests per subject, the GED is designed to cover all core subjects in one test. Earning even an online high school diploma can take years and watch out for free high schools that are online - they can be fake. It usually culminates with intense testing before the winter and summer recesses and a student can expect to study heavily before these test times. The GED test can be taken any time in the year that an administrator approves the student to partake in the course battery. It is designed to be finished all at once and the student will need to plan on a few hours of testing before it is complete.
Don't be fooled by fake online schoolsBe careful you do not fall for an "accredited diploma" with a program that seems too good to be true! You should easily identify a fake accredited high school by their sales ploys like, "apply with experience" or "order your diploma over the phone" or "get in 7 days"... ect. Any website that has bogus lies like these and a fake accreditation seal should give you enough warning to immediately exit. Although the GED test may require more preparation than one of these bogus online schools, once complete you will have an official document of acheivement that you can present confidently to employers, organizations or institutions and know they will accept it.
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